Is there anything to relieve the pain of sciatica?

Is there anything that can be done to relieve the pain of sciatica?

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6 Responses to “Is there anything to relieve the pain of sciatica?”

  • Believer

    Before you let any chiropractor touch your back, PLEASE get an MRI or CT Scan to make sure you don’t have a herniated disk or hairline fracture in your Sacrum.

    I have a herniated disk in the L5-S1 (low back) that causes horrible sciatica and shooting pain down my right leg. My cousin has a hairline fracture in her sacral bone, and before it was discovered she went to a chiropractor… and his adjustments made the fracture worse and may have caused permanent nerve damage.

    Once you have ruled out ANY underlying cause of the sciatica such as these, and determine that perhaps it’s a pinched nerve or muscle issue, then I would recommend a good muscle relaxer or pain medication, and cold compress. I was told that heat would make the sciatica worse in my case.

    I do have a pinched nerve in my back, just to the right of the spine, just below the shoulder. Heat DOES help that problem. So before attempting any treatment, get a doctor to determine the cause of the sciatica then proceed with an appropriate treatment from there.

  • egregious_38m

    sometimes the muscles are so tight and scared that it prvents blood flow & pinches nerves in the hip area or lower back …so first fine a deep tissue neromuscular massage therapist . a rolfer would be 2nd choice….its going to hurt but they need to break up the scare tissue and then take a combination of valarine root and niacin (b3) and last every morning while taking your hot shower turn it to the coldest setting and let it shower on the effected area for 30 sec then turn back to hot till it warms up …go back and forth 7 time every morning this is called hydro therapy ….oh and take a herbal intestonal cleaseing program ///// good luck:)


    try putting frozen peas on the problem erea, freezing cold object’s retracts muscles whereas warmth expands.

  • rainbow4142000

    i also have this problem, and i know what is causing it, i’m sitting way too much while enjoying my puter and some nice friends online………i take ibuprophen 2X a day, and it helps some……..pillows and proper sitting position help some…….hope you can get some relief, also going to a chiropractor can help….let me know how you are doing, will you? I care too……….Sharon T. from oHIo near Cedar Point
    i suppose being my age (65) is part of the problem,i hope not

  • oceanlady580

    any type of medicine that is designed for back pain will help i take robaxin but for other reasons and it helps me a lot. a hot shower beating down your back helps as well as heat a heating pad or back patches will help also

  • apak

    Since I don’t know where you live I don’t know that there are any available, but I go to an UPPER CERVICAL CHIROPRACTIC doctor. They are NOTHING like the everyday Chiropractor. They do NOT twist, pop, jerk, etc. your spine into position, they REBALANCE the body by reailigning the ATLAS (the first bone in the neck). Before I started going to one, my left shoulder was up by my left ear & my right hip was practically under my right arm pit. I had horrid back pain & terrible migraines. I started going about a year ago & NO MORE BACK PAIN< NO MORE MIGRAINES!!!!
    YOU HAVE TO BE SURE TO KEEP GOING AS RECOMMENDED BY THE DOCTOR, you can’t just say O.K. I went twice or three times, I’m better. If your back has been out for a long period of time one side has become stronger than the other side to conpensate for the side that is unable to work properly. So you can easily go back out. Also, you start noticing that things don’t hurt or feel like they did. You start saying OH WOW!!! That’s how that is suppose to feel or OH I didn’t know that wasn’t suppose to feel like that!!!
    I totally belive that your should seek out one of these types of doctors. UPPER CERVICAL CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CARE!!! Take care of the problems that cause the sciatica without just covering up the problems with medications & making the problems worse. Without treatment problems can become worse & permanent!!!!!!