Backache With Cold or Flu?

Is it normal to have a backache when you have a cold/flu?

I’ve currently got a cold/flu, very odd, since its nearly summer… however I have a backache. Do you usually have a back ache when you have a cold/flu ? And is this a normal common symptom?

And does anyone know why you get a backache with a cold/flu ?

Answers in ‘Comments’ below…

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9 Responses to “Backache With Cold or Flu?”

  • trinity729

    for me the back pain is associated with the fever. i just had a fever last week and my back hurt in such a way that it was like a headache, but in my back. very strange. not sure why though.

  • wyld_nutty1

    i dunno if ya meant to get it but i have everytime ive had a bad cold or flu

  • David R

    Sometimes people do get stiff back and neck with flu, especially if they are coughing a lot.
    However sometimes, people’s backs get better if they’re forced to lay in bed a couple days while they are sick!

  • Rahouel

    Don’t know why but it’s normal, it is for me anyway.

  • elaine r

    I just have to ask…where do you live where it is summer now? Aside from that colds and flu do make your back hurt, make you achy all over…am not sure why. It’s no fun, hope you feel better!

  • AJ

    Muscular aches and pains coinside with flu etc. It seems to locate your weak points, no it is not common but it does happen.

  • Lingamuffin

    I know that whenever I get the flu I get aches and pains. It’s common to be a bit sore with the flu. I think though, if the rest of your flu symptoms go and you’re stuck with the sore back, it might be a good idea to get it checked out.

    another reason may just be sore muscles from activity, have you done anything to strain your back?

  • Adam P

    Yes, aching muscles are a common symptom of a heavy cold or the flu.

    I don’t know why the virus causes aching muscles though.

  • kc

    yes it happens sometimes. Im not too sure why but a lot of times when people get sick their bodies ache. If you look at the back of the bottles of medicines for colds and flu’s most the time itll say it right there that it helps out body aches, fever, headache or things like that. Your body is just all out of whack and needs to rest and relax to get back to its own self:) Drink lots of water and juice and if you want to try to see if you can take some medication that takes care of all that stuff. It may help you rest better! Eat when you can too. soups are good. My brother likes jello when he doesnt feel good lol
    I hope you feel better soon!!!