Full Bowels Causing Backache?

If your bowels are full can it cause backache? Is it normal?

Sorry, bit gross but recently i have been getting awful pains in my lower back. They seem to be exarcebated by if i had missed a few bowel motions. I do have a lower back problem anyway, which i have had since my teens (i am 33)

This is a recent development. I dont know whether having had a baby might have brought it on. it started a 2-3 months ago about 10 months after i gave birth to my daughter.

Is it normal?
thanks – viks i get the leg aches too especially before ii wake in the morning. my upper back also get uncomfortable if i sleep for too long. never had that problem before i gave birth!!

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7 Responses to “Full Bowels Causing Backache?”

  • Baba

    Back ache due to improper bowl movement is natural.
    I too have experienced this type of problem. I wish you to check your intestines for any fissures (piles). Because piles may also be a permanent reason for back ache.
    1) Drink a lot of water – in the early morning drink warm water a few glasses, It will clear your bowls well.
    2) Take triphala – either as tablet or powder.
    3) Do physical exercises – like suryanamaskar to alleviate this problem in total.
    visit http://www.yogaguruonline.com/
    Good luck

  • booboo

    you now what you are not alone, ever since i started taking wellibutrin, i have had this pain down my lower back, and it feels like major cramps, and its very uncomfortable.
    when i started taking them i got real constipated and my lower back really hurt alot, and my gut felt like it was gonna burst.
    but to be safe you should consult your doctor about this
    ok hun

    good luck

  • johnkmayer

    It certainly can cause that, and yes it is normal and common. You have nothing to worry about.

  • inuyasha_1969

    yes it can it happed to me and yes it,s normal,.

  • viks

    I had a lot more aches and pains after having had children. Everything seemed to be a lot more uncomfortable (back ache. leg aches etc)

    It could be that you need to got to the loo, or that you are carrying your baby on your hip all day. At 9 months they seem to sit more heavily on your hips and you get bad back ache from that.

    Try hot baths, deep heat (cream) rub on the lower back AND rest more (sit or lie down)

  • best_buds_forever2004

    yes it can happen

  • blondie_chelle88

    Yes this happens to me i also get like tummy cramps when i need to go, and even sometimes a butterfly feeling in my tummy, it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

    x x