How early does lower back pain start during pregnancy?

In pregnancy, how early does lower back pain start

Hello out there,
I’m about 5 weeks pregnant and my lower back started to really hurt about a week or so ago. I didn’t know this symptom came this early but i guess it does. Did anyone else feel lower back pain really early or is it just me?

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8 Responses to “How early does lower back pain start during pregnancy?”

  • im not sure whats happening my period doesnt come for another few days. it goes like 30- 32 days like period to nextt. soo my last was the 27 of august. its september, but i usually feel like cramping around now, like i know im getting just not sure the day. but there is NO CRAMPING at all, and my lower backk is aching a bit(lumbar verterbrae) and like a bit of the thoracic vert… idk what really i should do, i smoke and drink. idk if i should stop everything now. or just wait or take a test now i know its too early;

  • mynameandlastname

    Not until week 30

    But I got all sorts of pains when I got pregnant. I think it was in my head :P

  • Corlz

    Nope, never had back pain at 4-5 weeks PG (didnt even know i was PG until 6 weeks)

    Have really bad back now though, at just over 17 weeks

  • Juzz ? ? baby due early april? ?

    I got my back pain early in the pregnancy as well, maybe around 8 weeks though i had a previous back problem prior the pregnancy. Everyone is normal. Congratulations

  • Vegeta&BrolysMommie(:

    It can happen.
    Your body is adjusting and your hips are widening so your lower back and that whole area could get achey.
    When I was in the early stages I got bad hip pains, like they felt like "growing pains" and it ached so bad.

    Just wait till you get to the third trimeseter.. your back will litterally KILL you!!
    My back still does and Im 4mths post partum.

  • Jenny

    i started at 20 weeks

  • Suzy *due 1/3/10*

    it’s different for everyone, some people do get it really early.mine didn’t start to hurt until i started gaining all this weight that my body doesn’t know how to hold. haha. good luck.

  • Expecting my 1st on May 12, 2010

    I had a little bit of back pain around 7 weeks and then it went away..then it came back really bad at 14 weeks. Now sometimes it hurts for a few days and then stops.