Keeping Sciatica From Getting Worse

How do I keep my sciatica from getting worse? Shifting sides!?

Recovering from sciatica symptoms on my left but woke up this morning to light numbness and tingling in my right calf and toes! I Had an epidural steroid injection 9 days ago; won’t be able to talk with doc until next week. Been walking 45 min daily and doing some modifiied Pilates–can I continuing exercising or lay off entirely?

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5 Responses to “Keeping Sciatica From Getting Worse”

  • Linda

    It sounds like you have a bulging disc, especially if they’re injecting you with steroids. Trust me, I had a bad back my whole life and even had to get surgery when my disc herniated. After the surgery I sat and lied around for almost 2 years trying to feel better. My sciatica had not gotten better, my legs were shaky and I was tight and knotted up throughout my abs and lower back. A good friend of mine saw my discomfort one day and suggested that I try his gravity boots and hang upside down. My back hurt like I say so I was going to try just about anything to make it stop. No BS, after only one session I could feel the knots in my hips and legs start to be stretched away and I just couldn’t believe the knots and spasms I had in my ab muscles. Hanging upside down for me is the only way I can keep ahead of my own shifting sciatica because of the degree of stretching that it provides. I did some research and ended up getting one of the door way mounted inversion racks and honestly my friend it has saved my life. Keep up the walking but trust me, I walk a lot also but you have to get your muscles stretched and relaxed or the walking will just irritate your bad sciatica further. Hope this info helps and hope you feel better.

  • Oscar C

    Please see your doctor soonest. In the meantime, you may be aggravating your condition by doing some exercises, so refrain from them in the meantime. Have your mind and body relaxed and thing nothing but good positive things. Affirm that you are healthy, wealthy and wise. That is a good affirmation, "Every day in every way, I am getting better, better and better."

  • llittle mama

    Ladykenn is so right; see a chiropractor soon as possible; lay off the exercises, you may be making it worse. Any time you have a tingling or numbness it is bad news.

  • ladykenmax

    Your back may be out of alignment. Go to a chiropractor and have him realign it for you. Tingling in your legs is a sign of pinched nerves.

  • Monte Hueftle

    Here is an alternative for you to consider…..most sciatica and piriformis is not caused by physical problems….most sciatica is actually caused by inner stress and tension.
    People who generate a lot inner stress, tension, anxiety typically have Type A Personality traits….they worry alot, try to please others, are perfectionist, and hold their feelings in.
    When a person creates this type of inner stress/tension, the autonomic nervous system will decrease blood flow and oxygen to muscle and nerve tissue and this is the pain you feel. The fact that you mentioned different symtpoms-pain, tingling, numbness and that your pain moved from left to right side is very common is these type of pain disorders.
    The key to ending the sciatica pain is to become aware of how you are creating innner tension/stress with your thoughts and then begin to change these thought patterns.
    If this information resonates with you there is a lot of information on these disorders and how to end the pain.
    Good luck.
    Monte Hueftle