Pain Along Spine From Neck Down To Upper Back

I’ve got a pain from neck down to upper back along spine for a few days. Where should I go?

I woke up a few days ago with mild pain on the right side of my neck and stiffness. It started moving down my back and intensifying. I can barely move now without pain, and would like to see a doctor about this.

My question is, what kind of doctor should I go to? I have insurance but don’t know if I need to go to a general doctor first or a chiropractor or….I dunno. Could someone help me out?

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6 Responses to “Pain Along Spine From Neck Down To Upper Back”

  • Todd

    You should check first if this is just muscle strain from sleeping in a bad position. You may feel around your neck and shoulder to see if anywhere (muscle) hurts when you press with your fingers. It might also feel harder than normal muscle. If this is the case, you need some massage and also time to heal. Pain killer would work such as Ibuprofen which can also reduce your muscle inflammation. Heat therapy would also make you feel better and heal faster.

  • Hart

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  • Skeeeeeetz

    There is much disagreement about both the effectiveness and risks involved with chiropractic treatment. In my opinion, it is the only thing that should needs to be said about chiropractic adjustment:

    A chiropractor cannot “cure” your condition or any other– at best, they would just make your muscles feel better. It would be best to first see your doctor—a real physician—and be referred to a physical therapist or an orthopedic specialist. I would advise that your do everything you can to avoid chiropractic treatment, as it will often do more harm than good.

    Chiropractors have to believe that everything causes conditions that only they can fix so they can convince patients that we can’t live comfortably without visits twice per week.

    I had a stroke last year as a result of chiropractic treatment and have since made it a priority to raise awareness of the dangers of chiropractic care. I ask that anyone going to visit a chiropractor to be aware of the risks and make an informed decision about treatment.

    Although the chiropractic community will argue that I don’t have a degree and I don’t know what I am talking about, I only want to make sure people considering chiropractic treatment that there are risks. I have nothing to gain from this. Can chiropractors say the same? Make sure you get both sides of the story!

  • ExeneC

    Your pain sounds significant, so I would go to your regular doctor who will probably order X-rays and refer you to an orthopedist/spine specialist, possibly a neurologist if he suspects nerve involvement. You will probably be advised to ice the painful areas (ten minutes per hour) and take anti-inflammatories.

    I am going through a similar situation and that was my experience.

  • helpful_dude

    Typically, you would see your general practitioner who would refer you to a specialist if needed.

    However, more than likely you just have a kink from sleeping in a weird position. I had the same thing about a week ago and now it’s gone. I’d give it a few more days before going to a doctor. Just take some Ibuprofen and get someone to rub your sore areas for you. :)

  • herby

    Have your general doctor to refer you to a back specialist. It could be bulging disk in your neck causing the pain to go down your back.