Severe Back Pain Best Over-the-Counter Medication

What is the best medication (over-the-counter) for severe back pain?

I have several injuries. A couple of herinated discs in the lower back and one in my neck and Scoliosis in the upper back where my lungs are. Right now, I have tried several types of meds but it does not seem to do much. The ones that help increase my pain twice as much as I start with so I had to get off them. All I’m asking is for a recommend brand or name of over-the-counter meds I can take.
By the way, the reason I’m asking for OTC vs. other prescription drugs is because I have taken almost all different types. My doctor even told me to get off heavy prescription or he was going to send me to rehab.

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16 Responses to “Severe Back Pain Best Over-the-Counter Medication”

  • familyguy

    uhmm….why isn’t he sending you off to rehab now? that’s odd…medication is not helping, you are nonsurgical case…and yet no rehab? you need to find a new doctor first…

    As far as pain goes, best thing is ice. Most people do not do icing properly and it isn’t effect for that reason..

    What you need to do is heavy cryotherapy….ice to the region of pain 30 minutes with compression every 2 hours for 24 hours…that will significantly improve your symptoms…

    Don’t put towels inbetween yourself and ice as that’s not cold enough…I"m talking "AGGRESSIVE" lol…so cover with just one layer of paper towel directly over your skin..or just one layer of thin t-shirt with Icebag directly over it…nothing more inbetween..compression is very important also..make sure you give good compression..if there’s noone to press it for can put the icebag on the floor and lie down on it..that’ll do the trick..

    then go see a chiropractor…

  • Oklahoma Rose

    My scoliosis pain was like my bones were aching, and my doctor recommended 800mg of Ibuprofen 2 or 3 times a day.It helps for me, even now after my surgery. It’s the only thing that comes over the counter and works for my back pain.

  • Renee

    I recommend stretching really good and going to a chiropractor. My chiropractor offers the TENS unit at his office and it is awesome, I love it. However I have heard people either love it or hate it. Good luck, hope you feel better:)

  • MrsMarried84

    Momentum works wonders. You can get it at any drug store like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart even carries it.

    It works great for relieving back pain and relaxing your muscles. Take that and have someone give you a gentle back rub. Hope you feel better!

  • Patti

    Prescription strength is 4 over-the-counter 200mg ibuprofen (any brand) to make 800mg. It probably won’t help as well as your prescription medication, though. Good luck :(

  • lanora C

    Well, some people really like Aleve. The only thing is that you have to take it on a regular basis. They also say that walking helps with back pain. Take a couple short walks a day even if it’s just around the block. If you are over weight try and loose some weight as that can add to your back problems. They also say that vitamin b-6 is good for the bones. Talk to a physical therapist as they can tell you what kind of exercises and stuff to do that will help with your back. Good luck!

  • AJ

    Loosing weight (if you are overweight) can help significantly. Find a physician that specializes in pain management and talk to them

  • Kitty

    there is this stuff called Muscle Mist, you spray it on and it heats up your muscles fast. It has menthol and ecalyptus and stuff in it. It’s really good and since it’s topical it can be taken with something else to ease your pain. Some people like Robaxacet. Tiger balm is another good topical anti-inflammatory/relaxer. If you use something topical like even A5-35 and take a few Tylenol Ultra it will help. The topical agent will ease inflammation and the pain releaver, relieves pain. Heat packs, ice packs and light stretches will help too.

  • conicat

    try Aleve. When my husband had kidney cancer, he said Aleve helped his pain more than most of the drugs they gave him.

  • disgustingpieater2007

    I just found a treatment for back pain and everything else to MS if your not allergic to honey bees.There is a treatment called Apitherapy and what it is its where they put honeybees on different areas of the body and they sting you and theres something in the venom that helps all kinds of problems i would do it but im allergic.

  • qc_b!tc#

    I would talk to your doctor about some prescription meds. I feel for you. I have back problems and I take up to 3 Ibuprofen 800mg tablets per day. I can also take up to 4 Vicodin daily. Even though you only want something OTC, you may benefit more from prescription strength meds.

  • rotc909

    Tylenol gel caps are good and ibuprofen is good also…ask the pharmacist at the drug store and they will know for sure good luck

  • banananose_89117

    I would suggest you ask your doctor for a TENS unit, trans subcutaneous nerve stimulator. It is small like a cell and you control how much electric stim from batteries help to stimulate the nerves to make endorphens to block pain. It works for about 80% of people. Most insurance will cover it. The electrodes are on a tape, nothing into the body. You do not sleep with it on.

    Otherwise I strongly recommend you start PT to help strengthen the stomach and back muscles to reduce the pain. But if the pain is that bad, has any orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery? Been there, done that!

    Otherwise the heat patches do help when you are not at home and can apply alternates of heat packs and cold packs.

    Good luck because I don’t know of any OTC that will help. I never found one.

  • alpha66

    Jim Beam

  • Neil Budde Sucks Ass

    Nothing. You’ll have to get narcotics to get anything that works. And find a good chiropractor.

  • gw7772000

    With your problems, I doubt an OTC med is gonna relieve your pain. But since you asked, naproxyn sodium (Aleve) will offer the longest lasting relief, and is also an anti-inflammatory (NSAID). Take two or three of them. Sounds like you need to find a pain mgmt. specialist and get some real relief.