How long do you leave a TENS unit on for low back pain and hip pain? Is there a limit to how long to keep on?

Question about TENS unit times for low back pain..

I have been having severe low back pain both sides, radiating into buttocks and left hip for 2 months.
I just started using a TENS unit today with limited instruction. How long can I leave it on?

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5 Responses to “How long do you leave a TENS unit on for low back pain and hip pain? Is there a limit to how long to keep on?”

  • Chas B

    I've used one for years and I've always been told 10-15 mins.

    And have a real doctor send you to a chiropractor if he feels it will help.
    A chiropractor caused me to have a far greater injury because of his treatments.

    I'm not saying they are all bad, just the smart thing to do is have a doctor recommend it

  • bgibbslmt

    You can leave it on for several hours but it won't do anything for the cause of your pain. It just prevents that signal from reaching your brain. Get yourself into therapy and deal with the cause of the pain, then it will really go away.

  • whateverblahblahblah

    And when you're done with that nonsense, get to a good chiropractor and he can help with your sciatica… :)

  • Sarah S

    About an hour, leave it off for a couple of hours, then turn it back on, if you plan on using it more then a couple times in the day and you are just going to be around the house, I would just leave the leads on you and just un plug the leads from the machine.That way you dont have to put those things back on several times a day. Also change up the pulses so its not doing the same thing for an hour straight. Turn it on a high as you can stand it, and keep turning it up as you get use to it. Good Luck they work well.

  • gillianprowe

    Mine cuts off after ten minutes, so that is all I do, ten minutes every hour.